FS Repaint is the absolute simplest way to change the visual appearance of your aircraft. You can easily change the look of your aircraft in a few easy steps:

1 - Load an existing aircraft
2 - Change the paint scheme (modify the textures)
3 - View the modifications immediately in 3D view
4 - Save the repainted aircraft
5 - Fly your new aircraft

Start FS Repaint and you'll see all of the Models and Variations from your Flight Simulator folder conveniently displayed on the Aircraft tab including most any freeware, shareware and payware aircraft. You select the desired aircraft by its Variation name and you see the selected aircraft displayed in vivid 3D color on your screen - it looks almost identical to how it appears in Flight Simulator. With the mouse, you can turn the aircraft to view it from all sides. You can have 1, 2, or 4 simultaneous views. On the left side of the window are the textures. A texture is a portion of the paint that is applied to various sections of the aircraft. To repaint the aircraft, you'll edit (change) one or more of the textures. Double-click a texture to open it in the built-in editor, or set up FS Repaint to open it in your favorite paint program - your choice. FS Reprint's integrated editor is a feature-filled paint program in its own right with all of the tools to enhance and modify your models. Change made in the built-in editor to the texture will appear immediately on the 3D model of the aircraft in FS Repaint so there's no guessing as to how the new paint scheme will look. You'll save lots of time since you see the changes without having to restart Flight Simulator after each modification. This is truly "what you see is what you get."


Main features:

Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX, 2000, 2002 and 2004 native aircraft.

Compatible with Microsoft Combat Simulator 2 native aircraft.

Compatible with several third party available aircraft.

Real time 3D view of your painting work.

Up to four simultaneous 3D views.

Built in texture editor editor with several useful tools.

External image editors are supported as well.

Night and day aircraft visualization.

Virtual cockpit painting support.


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